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Waite & Associates have practiced family law exclusively for many years. Their success stems from recognizing the importance of dealing with each situation individually with the special care and attention that is required.

Waite & Associates recognize that the end results are important, both financially and also in terms of your ongoing relationship with your spouse and children. They strive to achieve the best results and one that provides a positive outcome post separation.

They prepare marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements, both excellent choices to make when partnering with another, to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for your protection regarding your finances.

Cyndy Waite and Faryal Rashid offer a range of problem solving solutions including;

  • Mediation - a cooperative method for resolution.
  • Arbitration - allows decisions to be made more quickly and less expensively than Court.
  • Collaborative Law - encourages parties to work together with their lawyers towards a mutually agreeable result.
  • Litigation - a good choice in matters requiring a Judge's input and authority.

Cyndy and Faryal have extensive and successful experience in all of these approaches.

Waite & Associates is a great choice for family law in the Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and Halton area.

Waite & Associates Family Law

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